Spoken Word: Illusion!

My perfect problem so poetic with the troubles you dealt.

Your melody of misery lead me to blaming myself.

Looked to you as a solution to the pain that I felt.

No resolution just illusion cuz I didn’t need help.

Blinding haze behind your gaze I was caught in your matrix.

Thought I had it right with you but I was sadly mistaking.

Had to stop and reflect on the path I was taking.

Held your heart with both hands although mine was breaking.

I thought you were genuine but you were really a fraud.

All you claimed to be to me was nothing but a facade.

Everything I saw in you was nothing but a mirage.

I had to piece it all together just to see the collage.

I don’t hate you cuz I know you’re gonna reap what you sow.

All your lies and the pain really helped me to grow.

And I wish you all the best I just thought you should know.

Cuz pretty soon you’re gonna have to pay the karma you owe.

More News!!!

Okay, I was going to wait until later to announce this, but I just cant hold it in. This year, I will be taking Epic Empire to the next level. I will be unveiling two additional new blog segments. The first will be “Spoken Word” where I will be posting my poetry entries. The second will be “Dear Journal” where I will be posting my thoughts and lessons learned from my daily life. So that’s five segments: Storytime, Discussions, Dreamcatcher, Spoken Word, and Dear Journal. Oh boy, this year is going to be exciting. You’ll be glad that you decided to join the Epic Empire and thank you all, again!

I Met A Celebrity Escort, Storytime!

It was 2011. I was 18 and had just moved out on my own for the first time. Most people might move on the other side of town their first time. Not me, I moved on the other side of the country and was ready to start my adult life. I was working odd jobs through a temp agency to make some quick income.

I didn’t mind working a new job every other month. To me, it was exciting because I got to meet new people and some jobs paid more than others.

Somewhere down the line, I met a girl at the gas station. She was dressed in sweats and a t-shirt, and seemed to be very down-to-earth. We exchanged numbers and decided to hangout later that day.

When I got to her house, I was very impressed. She had a beautiful condo and everything in it was pink; from the walls, to the carpet, to the decor and appliances. There were fancy chandeliers and huge portraits of Marilyn Monroe everywhere.

I figured she had to have some kind of money. I mean, to live like this…you just had to. She made me a cocktail and we started to chat about things. The conversation was mostly her asking me about my life and how I ended up in the state.

After answering all of her questions, I had a few of my own. I told her that I liked her place and asked what she did for work. She smiled and told me that she had her own boutique store. I found this intriguing, so I asked her more details.

She begin to tell me that she had never worked before and that she went straight from home to being a boss. I was extremely impressed and wanted to know how I could do the same.

Out of curiosity, I asked her how she got the money to start a boutique if she had never worked. She told me to hold on and grabbed a digital camera. I wondered what she was about to do. She turns the camera on and begin to show me photos.

My jaw dropped. In her camera were photos of her and some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood. I couldn’t believe it. I asked her how she knew all of these celebrities.

A smile crept onto her face and she begin to tell me that she was a “call girl.” I didn’t know what that was so I asked her to explain. Basically, a “call girl” is a fancy way of saying escort. I was in total disbelief.

She went on to explain how she would get paid thousands of dollars to “satisfy” these celebrities. Obviously, her gig paid much better than mine, lol. My mind begin to race with the fantasy of being able to live this life.

For a brief second, I thought about asking her how to get started, but my morals quickly snatched me back to reality. At the end of our meeting, she told me to let her know if I would like make money.

I told her that I would and proceeded on my way. During my ride home, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had just witnessed. Just the thought of being able to live such an extravagant life without the worries of a boss or schedule, really had my mind racing.

She and I hung out a few more times, and actually grew a nice bond. I never got into the whole “escort” situation. I understood that that was her hustle and I respected it.

We linked up regularly until I moved away. After that, our relationship kinda fizzled out. I oftentimes wonder how life is going for her. I’m sure she’s probably doing much better than me, lol.

Anywho, that’s the end of this storytime, comrades. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Like, comment, share and subscribe! Stay tuned for more awesome content!

I’m Back, Epic Empire!

Sup, Comrades! I know I’ve been on a hiatus, but it’s time for the return of the Epicness!! 2020, I’m back with more interesting Storytimes, awesome Discussions, and a new blog segment dubbed “Dreamcatcher,” where I will be blogging, in detail, about dreams that I’ve had. Are you ready to go inside my mind?! Stay tuned and be prepared for an awesome year of EPICNESS!!! First new post coming Sunday 2/16 @ 11 PM/Est. Thanks to all of my readers, let’s rock!!! #Readers #Blogger #2020

Discussion Time!

Sup, Comrades! It’s Discussion Time!
We have all fantasized about what life would be like if we had certain inhuman capabilities. I want to know: If you could have any two superpowers, what would they be? Try to be creative (The power to control nature, speak every language in the universe, breathe in outer space, time travel, grow extra limbs, teleport, immortality, unlimited knowledge, resurrect the dead, reproduce by yourself, etc.). Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

Discussion Time!

Sup, Comrades! It’s Discussion Time!
There are certain things in life that bring a divine peace to our hearts. The moments you wish the whole world could live through. I want to know: What’s something you think every person should experience in their lifetime? Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

The Free-Spirited Strangers, Storytime!

It was 2011. I was 18 years old and living in another state away from my family. I’ve always been a very spontaneous person with a serious case of wanderlust. I enjoyed exploring the country solo. Anywho, I was preparing to move back home after a failed first attempt at living on my own.

My preferred method of transportation was the charter bus. I loved traveling via charter bus because it was affordable for me and I loved to sight see. The trip back home was going to be two and a half days, and while this would deter others, it actually excited me.

We were about a day into the trip and I had switched buses twice already. When traveling via charter bus, people are constantly boarding and leaving, at different stops. At one point, these two somewhat scruffy looking people joined the trip.

Judging from their close body contact and intertwined fingers, it was clear that they were a couple. They were both red heads and looked to be in their early twenties. The two of them set directly behind me and this was the start of a very intriguing trip.

Somewhere along the trip, I could hear them reciting poetry to one another. They were very artistic with their words and that really caught my attention. I couldn’t resist the urge to turn around and tell them how amazing their poetry was.

They were both very surprised by the fact that I liked their poetry and this sparked a whirlwind of conversation. We started sharing stories about our lives and why we were traveling. They had so many interesting tales, from falling asleep in the Everglades and almost getting eaten by an alligator, to being high on random drugs and fleeing the cops together.

They had a very liberal view on life. They believed in doing whatever they wanted, despite the law, public scrutiny, or family opinions. They didn’t seem like criminals or anything, but I would definitely consider them to be outlaws.

I was completely engaged and intrigued with them. My life had been pretty interesting, but I had done nothing as adventurous as the two of them. They were now on their way back to their home state of West Virginia (WV). I didn’t know much about WV, but they were telling me about how much money they made as coal miners.

To my surprise, I really liked these two, although they were a bit too drug friendly for me, lol. They liked me also, so much so that they tried to convince me to skip town and come with them to West Virginia. They said that I could live with their family and that I’d make enough money coal mining to get my own place within a few weeks.

I respectfully declined their offer and at the next stop, we had separate bus routes, so we had to go our separate ways.

Two months later, I was spending the night at a relatives house and had fallen asleep watching a movie on the Starz network. I woke up at about 2:30am and there was a movie on called “The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia.” The movie was about 30 minutes in and was a documentary that followed the lives of a family from Boone County, West Virginia.

The irony. I mean, this is exactly where the two strangers that I had met two months prior said that they were from. The documentary was pretty fun to watch and really put into perspective why those two strangers were such free-spirits. I rewatched this documentary an uncountable number of times and always think of the two of them, when I do.

I never seen nor heard from the two of them again, but I oftentimes wonder what they’re up to now.

Anyhow, that’s the end of this storytime, comrades. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Like, comment, share and subscribe! Stay tuned for more awesome content!

Discussion Time!

Sup, Comrades! It’s Discussion Time!
We all have people we’re close to; the ones we tell everything. However, in my opinion, there’s no such thing as “telling someone everything.” So, I want to know: in this judgement free empire, what’s something not many people know about you?? Sidenote, it doesn’t have to be anything scandalous; it could be a hidden talent that you have, a cartoon or movie that you enjoy, or a hobby that you partake in, anything. Join the conversation and leave a comment below!!

A Night At The Mansion, Storytime!

It was the holiday season, 2014. I had been working a lot and hadn’t made plans for the holidays. A close friend of mine worked as an assistant to 6 surgeons. She loved her job and had built a great rapport with her superiors.

My friend and I were on the phone one night, just chatting as usual. Our conversation eventually led to us discussing our plans for the holiday. I told her that I really didn’t have any plans, but that I wouldn’t mind doing something.

She then told me that one of the surgeons that she worked under had invited her, plus one, to their holiday gala. She extended an invite to me and I excitedly accepted.

I didn’t really know what to expect, but I figured it’d be a good time. My friend told me to dress formal, so I knew that this event would boast some level of elegance.

The day of the event comes and I’m feeling pretty excited. It started at 8pm, so my friend and I met up at her place at about 5:30. We pregamed a little bit, then proceeded out before we got too carried away.

The drive to the event was about 30 mins. During the ride there, we chatted about our expectations for the event. We both felt like it would be a little boring and uptight, but hoped for different. After all, this event was being held by a veteran surgeon.

We finally arrive to the venue for the event and surprisingly, it was being held at a beautiful mansion. However, this was not just any mansion…it was the surgeon’s home. This place was huge and very mesmerizing. I couldn’t believe that I was invited to an event here. I actually got butterflies as we pulled into the gate and around to the front door.

When we got to the front, we were greeted by valet. They took our car and we proceeded to the front door. I was already very impressed at this point. At the front door, there were two attendants checking names to make sure you were on the guest list.

After verifying that we were invited guests, we were granted access into the event. Walking into this mansion felt like a dream. It was so beautiful, high ceilings, chandeliers, paintings, and a huge, double-sided fireplace, just pure luxury. My friend and I walked over to the surgeon who’s event it was and greeted him. He was extremely down-to-earth, humorous, and very accommodating.

He told us to feel free to roam the house, just not the upstairs. We thanked him again for the invite and proceeded to enjoy the event. Now, although my friend and I were dressed very formal, we were still very under dressed. I mean, there was about 100 people in attendance and everybody had on a ball gown or tuxedo.

There were butler’s walking around with trays of champagne, there was a bartender making drinks, there was a huge food spread w/name plates for each dish, and the music was actually pretty “groovy,” lol. I made my way to the bartender, while my friend mingled with some of her coworkers.

While waiting for my drink, I began to chat with some of the other party attendees. Just from there poise and demeanor, I could tell that they were pretty successful people. However, they were all very pleasant, very funny, and wanted to just let loose and have fun. I loved it.

My friend and I eventually made our way to the basement to look around. This basement was insane, there was a game room, a theater, three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a huge bar, and a living room. I could not believe it, this basement was bigger than most average sized homes.

The event lasted for about 3 hours, then we all headed out. By the end of the event, everybody was pretty toasted and feeling good. I couldn’t believe how friendly these people had been, I had such a great time.

While everybody waited out front for valet to bring their car, we started singing “We Are Young” by Fun. The whole group was singing it. It was a very awesome and memorable moment. The night was simply amazing.

Anyhow, that’s the end of this storytime, comrades! I hope you guys enjoyed it! Like, comment, share and subscribe! Stay tuned for more awesome content!