Dear Journal: 3/10/20

Idk, I’m feeling kinda blank today. This past week has been very hectic for me. I was in a car accident last week and my car was totaled. I was found unconscious and spent hours in the hospital. I was supposed to be at work that night, but was unable to make it for obvious reasons. Anywho, the absence was viewed as a no call/no show and now my job is on the line. My tongue is split open on the top and bottom, and so is my inner lip. It is painful, but I went back to work anyway. I’ve yet to follow-up with my doctor since my hospital visit, so I dont know if I should be back to work already or not. I feel like my life is on another decline. I’m not sure if it’s my karma or not. I haven’t done anything wrong as far as I can recall, but my luck seems to be terrible lately. I dont know what’s going to happen in the next few weeks, but I’m in a very bad space. I just hope some miracle blessing comes through for me. I’m not a bad person, but I can never catch a break. I know things could always be worse, so I try to remain positive and immerse myself in my art. I have so much to lose and I just dont know what I would do if I lost it all. Anywho, I hope you all are doing great and that you’re enjoying life, right now. Sending much love and many blessings to all of my comrades. Catch ya later!

Spoken Word: An Angel’s Validation!

I had a conversation with a stranger just to lift my spirits.

And I would like to share our conversation, if you’d like to hear it.

This stranger was beautiful, so strong, so wise.

I found it quite hard to look this stranger in the eyes.

I told this stranger about my life, how I’m weak, and how I’m flawed.

The stranger said that I was perfect and wasn’t flawed at all.

Told me to be brave, be proud, and be strong.

Then said that tough times doesn’t last that long.

Yeah, but I’m poor and I dont have much.

You’re rich at heart and believe me, that’s more than enough.
You treat people kind, you dont laugh at the poor.
You pray for the weak and you’ll be fine, I’m quite sure.

But when will I finally get my chance to shine.

All that you want, will come in due time.
Great things take patience and it may be a while.
But all your wishes are coming, just not right now.

Well, have you been through pain?
You seem so perfect.

I have and trust me, it’ll all be worth it.
I’ve been through it all, just like you.
I’ve seen all your struggles, I’ve walked in your shoes.
I know your heart is pure and I know your truth.
I know that you have what it takes to make it through.
I know what’s it like to cry behind the scenes.
I hear your mind racing and I hear your silent screams.

But I dont wanna be alone, can we do this together?

Absolutely, I got you, we’ll be together forever.
I’ve always been here, right by your side.
You know who you are, just look in my eyes.
You think I’m strong, I’m smart, I’m attractive too.
And you’re all of the above, because I am you.

So wait, are you my angel sent here for my protection.

I am an angel, but no, I’m simply your reflection.
You’ve never needed validation from anyone but yourself.
Your strength is within and you don’t need anyone else.
So on your weak days or when you’re feeling down.
Just look in the mirror, that’s where your angel can be found.

I have what it takes to make it through any situation.
I am my own angel, I am my own validation.
I am a divine creation, by every stretch of the imagination.
Today I claim my strength, today I claim my worth.
Before I ask for the world’s opinion, I’ll validate myself first.

Spoken Word: Divorcing Humanity!

Things were great in the beginning, but you’ve shown your true colors.

You don’t care about the planet, you don’t love one another.

When my mind was young, I was blind to the facts.

You gave me toys and candy, and I was okay with that.

But humans are savages and I’m losing my sanity.

So for my own good, I’m divorcing humanity.

Polluting the planet, poisoning the food, lead in the water, can’t afford school.

Creating diseases, killing us off, speak out if want, you will pay the cost.

They charge for your health, they’re all for the rich.

They’re greedy and sneaky, I’m over this sh#t.

You can’t trust the news, they’re all in cahoots.

These humans are mindless, they cant see the truth.

They control the masses through religion, entertainment, politics, and of course, television.

Humans have been terrible as a species, what a tragedy.

So for my own good, I’m divorcing humanity.

They kill off the animals, invading their space.

They kill over color, that’s such a disgrace.

They’ll do anything to be in first place.

They don’t accept the variety of the human race.

It’s all about money, it’s all about status.

It’s all about beauty, it’s all just madness.

They forgot about what matters in all actuality.

So for my own good, I’m divorcing humanity.

Apparently, humans will extinct themselves.

They don’t see it now, but time will tell.

Your robots and experiments will be your demise.

It’s only getting worse and you’re running out of time.

They don’t value family, they promote brutality.

Such f#cked up mentalities, excuse my profanity.

They judge sexuality in any capacity.

As if they’re all perfect, the f#cking audacity.

Excuse the vulgarity

But this is reality

So for my own good, I’m divorcing humanity.

Spoken Word: Tranquility!

Submerge yourself in your peace and experience pure bliss.

Indulge yourself with all the things that soothes your mind and soul.

Luxuriate in the warm rays of sunshine as they dance on your skin and caress your flesh.

Let your stress drift away into the depths of a candle lit bath, as the sound of the rain takes you into a trance of tranquility.

May your dreams be pleasant as you rest in your bed, wrapped in your comforter like soft clouds on the horizon.

Manifest your success with every spoken word as positive affirmations bring good situations.

Release any negative thoughts and allow the universe to flood your life with an abundance of positivity.

View the world through your fantasy goggles until your reality mirrors your imagination.

Treat your body as a temple as it is the home of your soul.

Meditate to keep your energy balanced and exist on a higher vibration not attained by the masses.

May unexpected blessings send chills down your body like shimmering snowflakes in the moonlight landing on your bare skin.

Know that you are better than good enough for all errors build wisdom and perfection is within your heart.

Relinquish your fears during your weeping hours and allow the infinite cosmic wonders to silence your misery.

Relish in your strength and allow the bold voice of triumph to echo in every corner of your mind.

May your perception of an idol be the idol that you are, the survivor that you are and the warrior that lies within you.

Submerge yourself in your peace and experience pure bliss.

Release any negative thoughts and allow the universe to flood your life with an abundance of positivity.

Let your stress drift away into the depths of a candle lit bath, as the sound of the rain takes you into a trance of PURE…. TRANQUILITY.

Discussion Time!

Hey, Comrades! It’s Discussion Time! Have you ever experienced anything that was completely amazing/unbelievable? That moment that you will never forget or that moment that no one is going to believe actually happened. I want to hear about it. Join the conversation and leave a comment below!

Spoken Word: Illusion!

My perfect problem so poetic with the troubles you dealt.

Your melody of misery lead me to blaming myself.

Looked to you as a solution to the pain that I felt.

No resolution just illusion cuz I didn’t need help.

Blinding haze behind your gaze I was caught in your matrix.

Thought I had it right with you but I was sadly mistaking.

Had to stop and reflect on the path I was taking.

Held your heart with both hands although mine was breaking.

I thought you were genuine but you were really a fraud.

All you claimed to be to me was nothing but a facade.

Everything I saw in you was nothing but a mirage.

I had to piece it all together just to see the collage.

I don’t hate you cuz I know you’re gonna reap what you sow.

All your lies and the pain really helped me to grow.

And I wish you all the best I just thought you should know.

Cuz pretty soon you’re gonna have to pay the karma you owe.

More News!!!

Okay, I was going to wait until later to announce this, but I just cant hold it in. This year, I will be taking Epic Empire to the next level. I will be unveiling two additional new blog segments. The first will be “Spoken Word” where I will be posting my poetry entries. The second will be “Dear Journal” where I will be posting my thoughts and lessons learned from my daily life. So that’s five segments: Storytime, Discussions, Dreamcatcher, Spoken Word, and Dear Journal. Oh boy, this year is going to be exciting. You’ll be glad that you decided to join the Epic Empire and thank you all, again!

I Met A Celebrity Escort, Storytime!

It was 2011. I was 18 and had just moved out on my own for the first time. Most people might move on the other side of town their first time. Not me, I moved on the other side of the country and was ready to start my adult life. I was working odd jobs through a temp agency to make some quick income.

I didn’t mind working a new job every other month. To me, it was exciting because I got to meet new people and some jobs paid more than others.

Somewhere down the line, I met a girl at the gas station. She was dressed in sweats and a t-shirt, and seemed to be very down-to-earth. We exchanged numbers and decided to hangout later that day.

When I got to her house, I was very impressed. She had a beautiful condo and everything in it was pink; from the walls, to the carpet, to the decor and appliances. There were fancy chandeliers and huge portraits of Marilyn Monroe everywhere.

I figured she had to have some kind of money. I mean, to live like this…you just had to. She made me a cocktail and we started to chat about things. The conversation was mostly her asking me about my life and how I ended up in the state.

After answering all of her questions, I had a few of my own. I told her that I liked her place and asked what she did for work. She smiled and told me that she had her own boutique store. I found this intriguing, so I asked her more details.

She begin to tell me that she had never worked before and that she went straight from home to being a boss. I was extremely impressed and wanted to know how I could do the same.

Out of curiosity, I asked her how she got the money to start a boutique if she had never worked. She told me to hold on and grabbed a digital camera. I wondered what she was about to do. She turns the camera on and begin to show me photos.

My jaw dropped. In her camera were photos of her and some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood. I couldn’t believe it. I asked her how she knew all of these celebrities.

A smile crept onto her face and she begin to tell me that she was a “call girl.” I didn’t know what that was so I asked her to explain. Basically, a “call girl” is a fancy way of saying escort. I was in total disbelief.

She went on to explain how she would get paid thousands of dollars to “satisfy” these celebrities. Obviously, her gig paid much better than mine, lol. My mind begin to race with the fantasy of being able to live this life.

For a brief second, I thought about asking her how to get started, but my morals quickly snatched me back to reality. At the end of our meeting, she told me to let her know if I would like make money.

I told her that I would and proceeded on my way. During my ride home, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had just witnessed. Just the thought of being able to live such an extravagant life without the worries of a boss or schedule, really had my mind racing.

She and I hung out a few more times, and actually grew a nice bond. I never got into the whole “escort” situation. I understood that that was her hustle and I respected it.

We linked up regularly until I moved away. After that, our relationship kinda fizzled out. I oftentimes wonder how life is going for her. I’m sure she’s probably doing much better than me, lol.

Anywho, that’s the end of this storytime, comrades. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Like, comment, share and subscribe! Stay tuned for more awesome content!