Dear Journal: 04/13/2020

Today was the viewing for my grandmother. It was hard for me to go, but I figured her soul would be there waiting to see me. I went to wish her peace in the afterlife and show my happiness for her suffering being over. However, it was a bit too much to actually walk up to her casket; so I looked from afar and balled my eyes out. There were a slew of people in attendance, but I didn’t care to interact with anyone. It’s not like we could anyway. I mean, it was so surreal; everybody at the viewing had on latex gloves and a mask. The seats were all at least 6 feet apart and we couldn’t embrace one another with a hug. I left the viewing after less than 5 mins. It was just too much for me. However, my bestfriend stayed and promised to bring me an obituary, after. She stayed true to her promise and brought me an obituary about 45 minutes after I arrived home. I looked through the obituary and was shocked to find that I was not included at all. The woman who had raised me, travelled out of state with me several times since the age of 7 and who taught me most of what I know; the woman who I was sure to call and send a gift to every birthday and holiday, had no space for little ole me on her obituary. I mean, we were so close and everybody knew it. I know that she would not have been satified with this. I wrote a poem for my grandmother, as my family asked, and they still didn’t add it to the obituary. They added everyone else’s poem and pic….except mine. Honestly, I don’t know how to feel about it. I’m not upset that my picture wasn’t added, I mean, everyone know’s who I am; but I actually put thought and time into that poem, and it was totally disregarded. That hurts a bit. I feel that my family felt like I didn’t deserve to be remembered in my grandmother’s obituary. Which, Idk why, I never hurt or had an issue with anyone, so I’m so confused and a little heartbroken by that. Anywho, I’m going to carry on with my life because my grandmother knows my heart, and she knows that I loved and appreciated her so much. I’m working from home tonight and didn’t have much time to write this, but today was a bittersweet day and it’s so hard to hold back the tears; but anywho, I hope all is well for all of you. Many blessings and peace to you all. Stay strong and keep pushing, Epic Empire!!!


Spoken Word: Shattered Pen! (Tribute to Grandma J)

I was lost and confused
Now here I am, once again.

Do you know what it’s like
To write with a shattered pen?

I have so much to say
Yet nowhere to begin.

Beyond my family
You were like my best friend.

Heaven has gained a warrior
May your halo shine bright.

I’m gonna miss those summer days
When everything was all right.

You were always my cheerleader
There lifting me up.

Always commended my accomplishments
Tho to me, they weren’t much.

I’d give my last dime
To have dinner with you again.

And it’s so hard to write
With this shattered pen.

My ink has run dry
But the tears in my eyes.

Have watered my pen
And I continue to write.

You helped everyone
So many blessings you’ve given.

And it was all out of love
It was never for attention.

You fought with an iron fist
You fought to protect me.

You fought for the voiceless
You fought for the unhappy.

You fought for the poor
You fought for your friends.

Nobody really knew me
But you would always understand.

Now I must say goodbye until my book ends.

And I know the our paths will meet again.

Say hi to my loved ones and our family friends.

I did the best that I could
With this shattered pen.

Dear Journal: 04/6/2020

This Coronavirus situation is so out of hand. People are dying by the hundreds. I wish I could say that I don’t believe it’s real, but, I lost my grandmother because of this virus, three days ago. Life truly feels like a bad suspense/thriller movie, right now. I went to the grocery store the other day and it felt so surreal to see everybody in the market wearing latex gloves and a mask as they shopped. Moving on, I had the option to write a poem for my grandmother’s obituary and of course, I did. I’ll be posting the poem “Shattered Pen” tonight. Life feels so parallel to what I thought it’d be like at age 26 and partly, on my behalf; but, with what’s happening in the world, I feel like I’m in a completely different dimension. I pray to the universe that things get better. Anywho, sorry I’ve been absent Epic Empire. Things have been so hectic, lately. I’m working on new content and I have many things coming, very soon. Thank you, Comrades! Stay tuned. Like, Comment, Share, and Subscribe for more Epic Content!

Dear Journal: 3/10/20

Idk, I’m feeling kinda blank today. This past week has been very hectic for me. I was in a car accident last week and my car was totaled. I was found unconscious and spent hours in the hospital. I was supposed to be at work that night, but was unable to make it for obvious reasons. Anywho, the absence was viewed as a no call/no show and now my job is on the line. My tongue is split open on the top and bottom, and so is my inner lip. It is painful, but I went back to work anyway. I’ve yet to follow-up with my doctor since my hospital visit, so I dont know if I should be back to work already or not. I feel like my life is on another decline. I’m not sure if it’s my karma or not. I haven’t done anything wrong as far as I can recall, but my luck seems to be terrible lately. I dont know what’s going to happen in the next few weeks, but I’m in a very bad space. I just hope some miracle blessing comes through for me. I’m not a bad person, but I can never catch a break. I know things could always be worse, so I try to remain positive and immerse myself in my art. I have so much to lose and I just dont know what I would do if I lost it all. Anywho, I hope you all are doing great and that you’re enjoying life, right now. Sending much love and many blessings to all of my comrades. Catch ya later!

Spoken Word: An Angel’s Validation!

I had a conversation with a stranger just to lift my spirits.

And I would like to share our conversation, if you’d like to hear it.

This stranger was beautiful, so strong, so wise.

I found it quite hard to look this stranger in the eyes.

I told this stranger about my life, how I’m weak, and how I’m flawed.

The stranger said that I was perfect and wasn’t flawed at all.

Told me to be brave, be proud, and be strong.

Then said that tough times doesn’t last that long.

Yeah, but I’m poor and I dont have much.

You’re rich at heart and believe me, that’s more than enough.
You treat people kind, you dont laugh at the poor.
You pray for the weak and you’ll be fine, I’m quite sure.

But when will I finally get my chance to shine.

All that you want, will come in due time.
Great things take patience and it may be a while.
But all your wishes are coming, just not right now.

Well, have you been through pain?
You seem so perfect.

I have and trust me, it’ll all be worth it.
I’ve been through it all, just like you.
I’ve seen all your struggles, I’ve walked in your shoes.
I know your heart is pure and I know your truth.
I know that you have what it takes to make it through.
I know what’s it like to cry behind the scenes.
I hear your mind racing and I hear your silent screams.

But I dont wanna be alone, can we do this together?

Absolutely, I got you, we’ll be together forever.
I’ve always been here, right by your side.
You know who you are, just look in my eyes.
You think I’m strong, I’m smart, I’m attractive too.
And you’re all of the above, because I am you.

So wait, are you my angel sent here for my protection.

I am an angel, but no, I’m simply your reflection.
You’ve never needed validation from anyone but yourself.
Your strength is within and you don’t need anyone else.
So on your weak days or when you’re feeling down.
Just look in the mirror, that’s where your angel can be found.

I have what it takes to make it through any situation.
I am my own angel, I am my own validation.
I am a divine creation, by every stretch of the imagination.
Today I claim my strength, today I claim my worth.
Before I ask for the world’s opinion, I’ll validate myself first.

Spoken Word: Divorcing Humanity!

Things were great in the beginning, but you’ve shown your true colors.

You don’t care about the planet, you don’t love one another.

When my mind was young, I was blind to the facts.

You gave me toys and candy, and I was okay with that.

But humans are savages and I’m losing my sanity.

So for my own good, I’m divorcing humanity.

Polluting the planet, poisoning the food, lead in the water, can’t afford school.

Creating diseases, killing us off, speak out if want, you will pay the cost.

They charge for your health, they’re all for the rich.

They’re greedy and sneaky, I’m over this sh#t.

You can’t trust the news, they’re all in cahoots.

These humans are mindless, they cant see the truth.

They control the masses through religion, entertainment, politics, and of course, television.

Humans have been terrible as a species, what a tragedy.

So for my own good, I’m divorcing humanity.

They kill off the animals, invading their space.

They kill over color, that’s such a disgrace.

They’ll do anything to be in first place.

They don’t accept the variety of the human race.

It’s all about money, it’s all about status.

It’s all about beauty, it’s all just madness.

They forgot about what matters in all actuality.

So for my own good, I’m divorcing humanity.

Apparently, humans will extinct themselves.

They don’t see it now, but time will tell.

Your robots and experiments will be your demise.

It’s only getting worse and you’re running out of time.

They don’t value family, they promote brutality.

Such f#cked up mentalities, excuse my profanity.

They judge sexuality in any capacity.

As if they’re all perfect, the f#cking audacity.

Excuse the vulgarity

But this is reality

So for my own good, I’m divorcing humanity.

Spoken Word: Tranquility!

Submerge yourself in your peace and experience pure bliss.

Indulge yourself with all the things that soothes your mind and soul.

Luxuriate in the warm rays of sunshine as they dance on your skin and caress your flesh.

Let your stress drift away into the depths of a candle lit bath, as the sound of the rain takes you into a trance of tranquility.

May your dreams be pleasant as you rest in your bed, wrapped in your comforter like soft clouds on the horizon.

Manifest your success with every spoken word as positive affirmations bring good situations.

Release any negative thoughts and allow the universe to flood your life with an abundance of positivity.

View the world through your fantasy goggles until your reality mirrors your imagination.

Treat your body as a temple as it is the home of your soul.

Meditate to keep your energy balanced and exist on a higher vibration not attained by the masses.

May unexpected blessings send chills down your body like shimmering snowflakes in the moonlight landing on your bare skin.

Know that you are better than good enough for all errors build wisdom and perfection is within your heart.

Relinquish your fears during your weeping hours and allow the infinite cosmic wonders to silence your misery.

Relish in your strength and allow the bold voice of triumph to echo in every corner of your mind.

May your perception of an idol be the idol that you are, the survivor that you are and the warrior that lies within you.

Submerge yourself in your peace and experience pure bliss.

Release any negative thoughts and allow the universe to flood your life with an abundance of positivity.

Let your stress drift away into the depths of a candle lit bath, as the sound of the rain takes you into a trance of PURE…. TRANQUILITY.

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