Spoken Word: Divorcing Humanity!

Things were great in the beginning, but you’ve shown your true colors.

You don’t care about the planet, you don’t love one another.

When my mind was young, I was blind to the facts.

You gave me toys and candy, and I was okay with that.

But humans are savages and I’m losing my sanity.

So for my own good, I’m divorcing humanity.

Polluting the planet, poisoning the food, lead in the water, can’t afford school.

Creating diseases, killing us off, speak out if want, you will pay the cost.

They charge for your health, they’re all for the rich.

They’re greedy and sneaky, I’m over this sh#t.

You can’t trust the news, they’re all in cahoots.

These humans are mindless, they cant see the truth.

They control the masses through religion, entertainment, politics, and of course, television.

Humans have been terrible as a species, what a tragedy.

So for my own good, I’m divorcing humanity.

They kill off the animals, invading their space.

They kill over color, that’s such a disgrace.

They’ll do anything to be in first place.

They don’t accept the variety of the human race.

It’s all about money, it’s all about status.

It’s all about beauty, it’s all just madness.

They forgot about what matters in all actuality.

So for my own good, I’m divorcing humanity.

Apparently, humans will extinct themselves.

They don’t see it now, but time will tell.

Your robots and experiments will be your demise.

It’s only getting worse and you’re running out of time.

They don’t value family, they promote brutality.

Such f#cked up mentalities, excuse my profanity.

They judge sexuality in any capacity.

As if they’re all perfect, the f#cking audacity.

Excuse the vulgarity

But this is reality

So for my own good, I’m divorcing humanity.


  1. BeckyDue · February 28, 2020

    All in perspective… wonderful people everywhere. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. EclecticMusicLover · February 27, 2020

    Can’t disagree with you here!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rosaliene Bacchus · February 26, 2020

    Well said!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. David Johnson · February 25, 2020



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