Sup Comrades! It’s discussion time! I Want To Know: What Was Your First Time Watching An “Adult Flick” Like? Share your experience in the comment section! Like, share and subscribe! I Bow; Epic Empire!!


  1. JoAnn · October 7

    I was maybe like fourteen or fifteen and I was hanging out with my best friend. We stopped to visit some new friends of hers and when we walked in they were watched a porn video on TV right in the living room. They acted like it was no big deal. Other people walked in and out of the room like it was nothing. It was crazy weird. I had religious nut parents and sex was taboo although I did have older brothers and would sometimes find their dirty magazines hidden in different places (this was 80s so no internet yet.) Anyway, at least now I can just laugh about it. 🤣

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    • Epic Empire · October 8

      Sounds like those “new friends” were pretty liberal, lol. That is hilarious! Thanks for sharing, comrade!

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