• Discussion Time!

    November 17, 2019 by

    Sup, Comrades! It’s Discussion Time! We all have people we’re close to; the ones we tell everything. However, in my opinion, there’s no such thing as “telling someone everything.” So, I want to know: in this judgement free empire, what’s something not many people know about you?? Sidenote, it doesn’t have to be anything scandalous;… Read more

  • A Night At The Mansion, Storytime!

    November 11, 2019 by

    It was the holiday season, 2014. I had been working a lot and hadn’t made plans for the holidays. A close friend of mine worked as an assistant to 6 surgeons. She loved her job and had built a great rapport with her superiors. My friend and I were on the phone one night, just… Read more

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